How do I apply to a university?

To apply to schools in Ontario, use the online application website OUAC and make sure to meet all deadlines.

Does my immigration status affect my application?

You can apply to university if you are a Canadian Citizen, permanent resident, refugee claimant, or have citizenship from another country.

Apply as a domestic student if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

Apply as an international student if you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. You will need a study permit to attend school in Ontario. Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Ontario Immigration have more information for International students.

Applying to universities in Ontario

To apply for university in Ontario, you need to submit an application to the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC).

The deadline to apply depends on:

  • If you are in high school or have already graduated
  • The program you are applying to. Professional programs (like law or medicine) have different deadlines than undergraduate programs.

For information about deadlines for applying to University/College visit the OUAC website.

Applying to universities outside Ontario

You need to apply to the university directly. You cannot apply through OUAC. Visit the university website to find out the application procedure. Check this list of Ontario universities and their websites.