What is a Community Health Centre (CHC)?

A Community Health Centre (CHC) is a place where you can get free health care and social services.

What kinds of services do CHCs offer?

You can find a clinical team of doctors, nurses and dieticians to help you. There are also social service workers. They will work with you to promote your overall health and get you settled in your community.

If you do not have OHIP (the Ontario Health Insurance Plan), some CHCs can still help you. All services are confidential. You can also get a pregnancy or HIV/AIDS test without having your name recorded.

Some programs and services you might find at a CHC:

  • Culturally-sensitive care in different languages
  • Anti-racism programs
  • Sex health education
  • Domestic violence prevention and treatment
  • Parenting education
  • Support for teenage mothers
  • Drop-ins for youth
  • Food-related programs

What about CHCs for Newcomer Youth?

Some CHCs work with immigrants and refugees. They focus on health and have settlement services to help you settle into your community. They may offer services in your language. These CHCs are also sensitive to income and cultural differences. They may have services specifically for newcomer youth, like:

  • Drop-ins for street and newcomer youth
  • Youth Photography
  • Employment counselling
  • Family violence support groups
  • Teen pregnancy and prenatal/postnatal support programs
  • Community kitchens and food buying co-ops

In Ontario, these CHCs have youth-focused programs and services: