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Mental health support for LGBTQI+

Hello! My name is Daniel i'm 25 years old, i'm from Africa I went to art class,  drawing painting and poetry are my hobbies, actually i'm working on my first novel. I'm an introvert guy with an unpredictable mood, i tend to avoid any situation that i have to deal with others people, crowd (like going out to the market or to a party) it's very stressful for me i don't know why but most of the time i act strange when people's are around, most of them can't stand me, i can't help it. Almost ten years now since the beginning of my search for a solution to my problem I get easily angry and sad or both in the span of a minute for no reason, I'm emotionally unstable to the point that i can't control it overwhelmed by all kind of emotions i feel drained most of the time, can't do anything I'm lonely and desperate, most times i go through phase that i lost interest to everything invaded by suicidal thoughts. I'm battling with Depression and Insomnia since i was a child i've seen many doctors and tried several treatments but nothing works for long time, i'm becoming more dependent on these medecine, they are like drugs makes me feel like i'm always on top and nothing can't stop me and makes me say and do stupid things once i stop taking these medicine i feel so bad, guilty of acting under influence it's been months i'm not longer taking any treatment and my situation is getting worse day after day. I'm actually unemployed, single and i don't have any friends As an LGBTQI + person life is more hard and incertain i'm facing homophobia since i was a kid i can't express myself or be happy for who i am i'm so scared cause if people discover my secret it's it's gonna be the end of me I don't feel safe here, i can't be happy In the past year i've tried suicide by overdose several times and end up in hospital Honestly i'm still looking for the best way to achieve it cause i'm ashamed of myself But i don't want to break my mother's heartShe's the only person who supports me Even if i want to but i can't tell her about all of this right now cause she's so hateful about the LGBTQI+. I'm hurting and i can't talk about it, I've tried my best to keep my head above the water for years, lying to myself that i can change my sexuality but i can't do it no more, i'm slowly drowning and loosing hope for a better future I need get away from this place to protect myself Help me please. Thank you


Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your question.

We're very sorry for the difficult situation you're in. First and foremost, if you are in crisis, please seek help immediately by calling your local emergency helpline or going to the hospital.

We have a resource that may help you deal with suicidal thoughts: Let's talk about suicide

Mental health is complicated and people need ongoing support to manage it. Many people use some combination of medication, therapy, exercise, a balanced diet, and support systems to cope with their mental health issues. Please know you are not alone and there's nothing to be ashamed of. It may require time to find what works for you. Give yourself credit for reaching out!

As you mentioned, as an LGBTQI+ person, you are likely facing even more challenges. We hope this resource can help you find support that fits your needs: Where can I find LGBTQI+ help?

We hope this helps. Team

Still can't find what you need? Tell us what information you would like to see on our website at [email protected]