OHIP pays for basic medical and emergency services like:

  • Visits to the emergency room
  • Visits to your regular doctor (physician)
  • Eye care for youth under 20 years old

OHIP does not pay for:

  • Ambulance services
  • Services that are not medically necessary, like cosmetic surgery
  • Prescription medication or drugs
  • Dental care at a dentist’s office
  • Some alternative medicine (such as naturopathy, acupuncture, chiropractors, or massage therapy)

However, sometimes OHIP does cover part of the cost of some of these services. It also covers basic medical services if you access them in another province. It is a good idea to check if the service you need is covered.

How Do I Check If A Service I Need Is Covered By OHIP?

  • Talk to a nurse or doctor
  • Call the Ministry of Health INFOline:
    In Ontario (toll free): 1-800-268-1154
    In Toronto: 416-314-5518
    TTY: 1-800-387-5559
  • Visit the OHIP website.